CCC related projects

CRAIVE-Lab Concert

Olivieros at 80 from EMPAC @ Rensselaer

In celebration of Pauline Oliveros’ 80th birthday, complete with Tibetan dungchen, didgerdoo, accordion, meditative percussion, and the Fort Worden Cistern—a two-million-gallon underground water tank made famous by Oliveros’ 1988 Deep Listening album and recreated by Jonas Braasch from Rensselaer’s Architectural Acoustics program. Presented in collaboration with the Rensselaer Arts Department, this event benefitted the Deep Listening Institute.

Emergent Reality Lab

In this video, Professor Lee Sheldon and his colleagues discusses the Emergent Reality Lab, and a new initiative to use narrative combined with virtual reality systems, such as the CAVE environment, as a teaching tool. With a seed-grant from the Rensselaer Office for Research, Sheldon and his colleagues led a pilot project in which students followed a narrative, called “The Lost Manuscript,” as part of a course in Mandarin Chinese.

Pauline Oliveros performs with FILTER at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Free Music performance with the creative intelligent music agent FILTER at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center in August 2012 in Troy New. The top waveform correlates with the performance of the agent, the bottom waveform with Pauline Oliveros’ performance. The development of FILTER is part of a project funded by the National Science Foundation: CAIRA – a Creative Artificially-Intuitive and Reasoning Agent in the context of ensemble music improvisation (#1002851). More information about FILTER can be found in: D. Van Nort, P. Oliveros, J. Braasch (2010) Developing Systems for Improvisation based on Listening, in Proc. of the 2010 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC 2010), New York, NY, June 1-5, 2010.

Two further clips from the same project:

Triple Point Performance with FILTER

Pauline Oliveros performs with FILTER at EMPAC