Allison Berkoy

M.F.A. student
Electronic Arts


Allison Berkoy is a New York based video and installation artist, and an MFA candidate in Electronic Arts. Berkoy has particular interests in mixed reality immersive environments, live performance simulation, and projected light. Her sculptures and spectacles have appeared inside galleries, music venues, theater stages, eateries, garages, a train caboose, and a salvaged lightship. Allison graduated from New York University with a Masters in Performance Studies and from Northwestern University’s theatre program. She has taught at Pratt Institute and New York City College of Technology (CUNY).


/Company/ is an interactive multi-media installation exploring experiential narrative, simulated performance, and relationships with the inanimate.Participants enter an immersive physical space resembling a living room and encounter a life-sized, three-dimensional figure enlivened through video projection.The figure responds to guests based on their location within the room, triggering video playback from a databank of various expressions, behaviors, and stories.She makes requests of her guests and discloses stories, secrets, and memories in absurd and sometimes uncomfortable iterations.

/Company/ plays with the social dynamics of group versus one-on-one interactions.A single person alone in the room triggers a different set of scripts and narrative threads than when two people or a group enter the room.The figure reacts differently to a gathering of company versus the company of a lone potential-companion, adjusting her level of intimacy with expected social dynamics.