Cameron Fackler

Ph.D. student
Architectural Acoustics


Cameron Fackler is a Ph.D student in the Graduate Program in Architectural Acoustics. His interest in acoustics results from combining his passions for music, science, and mathematics. Cameron’s research interests include acoustic materials, the use of high performance computers in acoustics, and binaural hearing. Prior to his Ph.D. studies, Cameron received his bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics and master’s degree in Architectural Sciences at RPI.


Binaural microphone system for the HUBO humanoid robot

In this project, a binaural microphone system is developed for HUBO, a humanoid robot. HUBO is an advanced adult-sized humanoid, developed at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. While HUBO mechanically emulates the human body, it lacks a sophisticated auditory input system. Utilizing two microphones located in artificial ears, inputs are created that allow HUBO to listen to its surroundings in a human-like manner. Signal processing and equalization techniques are applied so that users listening through headphones perceive they are hearing from HUBO’s location. Developed in collaboration with the Music and Entertainment Technology Laboratory at Drexel University, the binaural microphone system capabilities will further their research into musically aware robotics by providing HUBO and its users with a realistic auditory sense.