Jeff Parkman Carter

Ph.D. Student
Architectural Acoustics


J. Parkman Carter received a BA in Integrated Arts from Bard College, a Masters of Architecture and MFA in Architectural Lighting Design from Parsons The New School for Design. He trained with master luthier Norman Reed in Devon, UK, and has designed and built several guitars, electronic instruments, and loudspeaker systems. He grew up in South Carolina, spent formative time in Russia and Venice, and has lived most of his adult years in Chicago and along the Hudson River. He enjoys teaching and listening, and believes passive solar design will save us.


J. Parkman Carter’s research interests have focused on phenomena perilously overlooked by visual representation in design, recently completing Masters research projects in photocartography for urban light studies. His current research centers on cross-modal soundscape mapping. The mission to raise awareness about environmental acoustics in rapidly evolving models of sustainable design requires a way to represent field data that is accessible, immersive, and multi-sensory. To facilitate productive discussion between designers, planners, ecologists, citizens, and acousticians, he is working on a method of integrating high-dynamic-range spherical panoramic photography with interactive Ambisonic audio information.