Together with the Center for Automation Technologies and Systems  (CATS),  the CCC currently develops JAMSTER, a dual-arm robot, to assist mobility-restricted people performing daily tasks at home.

Project Investigators
Jonas Braasch, Rich Radke, Mei Si, John Wen

Student Investigators

Students: Andrew Cunningham, Nikhil Deshpande, Will Keddy-Hector, Dan Kruse, Utkarsh Sinha

David Whalen (Jamboxx), Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital


Jamster pickup and place a jar of peanut butter

Jamster — Jamboxx meets Baxter on wheel — is teleoperated by Jamboxx (mouthpiece based input device) and xBox thumbstick to pick up a jar of peanut butter from shelf and place on a stool. This work was done at RPI.


Face Mirroring with Zeno
We connected the facing recognition code by Prof. Qiang Ji (at RPI), which obtains 28 feature points, to the 8 control inputs of Zeno by Hanson through Robot Raconteur.


Jamster Profiled by Rethink Robotics
Rethink Robotics spent the morning of Feb 11 2014 at RPI CATS robotics lab to see what we’re doing with Baxter. They put together a nice video showing our work with Jamster (Jamboxx meets Baxter). Faculty: John Wen, Jonas Braasch, Students: Utkarsh Sinha, Andrew Cunningham, Will Keddy-Hector, Dan Kruse, Matt Minakais. Collaborator: David Whalen (co-inventor of Jamboxx).


Presentation of the Jamster Robot for Assistive Support
David Whalen, robot control with Jamboxx
CATS/CCC Robot Team: William Keddy-Hector, Utkarsh Sinha, Andrew Cunningham, John Wen, Jonas Braasch